Trinity Racing Black Silicone Charge Tube for 2018-2021 Polaris RZR XP Turbo S

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  • 2018-2021 Polaris RZR XP Turbo S
  • 2019-2021 Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo S


Charge Tubes

  • Silicone walls
  • Oil-Resistant liner
  • Decreases turbo surge

Increased Durability

Your stock charge tubes aren't optimized for the high pressure your turbo can create. That's why we've added our own charge tubes to our catalog. They are made from durable silicone with an oil-resistant liner to keep them protected and to decrease blowouts.

UTV Charge Tube Installed

More Turbo Power

Not only will our charge tubes increase the longevity of your turbo, but it'll also optimize the power. Add our highly proven BOV kit to your charge tube to decrease turbo surges and to add that loud "PSSSSSHT" sound, to show you really mean business.

Charge Tube Blow Off Valve