Dynojet Charge Tube + BOV + Powervision ECU Tuner for 2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP

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Are you looking to maximize your Polaris RZR's power? Dynojet's Power Package can help you hit the ground running! This kit includes a Power Vision 3 tuner loaded with tunes to increase your RZR PRO XP's power. This versatile tuner allows tunes to be easily be uploaded to your factory ECU, switch between tunes and even return to stock. The PV is also a great gauge showing boost, timing, temps and much more. You can leave the Power Vision hooked up for gauges, or completely remove it after flashing your ECU. This complete blow off valve kit will eliminate turbo surge that you can hear when letting off the throttle with an added cool blow off sound! Comes complete with 4-ply charge tube hose, billet blow off valve, filter, clamps and vacuum hose.


  • 2020-2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP
  • 2020-2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP 4


Charge Tubes

  • Silicone walls
  • Oil-Resistant liner
  • Blow-off valve
  • Decreases turbo surge
Dynojet Boost Tubes

Increased Durability

Your stock charge tubes aren't optimized for the high pressure your turbo can create. That's why we've added our own charge tubes to our catalog. They are made from durable silicone with an oil-resistant liner to keep them protected and to decrease blowouts.

UTV Charge Tube Installed

More Turbo Power

Not only will our charge tubes increase the longevity of your turbo, but it'll also optimize the power. We've included blow-off valves to decrease turbo surges and it comes in fire red, to show you really mean business.

Charge Tube Blow Off Valve

Power Vision Tuner

  • Flash performance tunes via OEM diagnostic connector, no need to remove and send out ECU
  • Display vehicle data channels in real-time
  • Weather-resistant for use in all conditions
  • High-contrast display, viewable in direct sunlight
Power Vision 3 Package

Made for Upgrades

Our Power Vision fuel tuner line can hold multiple tunes right on the device, which means that you can reflash your ECU changing conditions right from the trail. Keep a tune available for each of your favorite upgrades and terrains to optimize your UTV for everything you need.

Power Vision 3 Flash Tuning

Stay Connected

Not just a fuel tuner, Dynojet's Power Vision devices are also powerful monitoring tools to track your progress as you ride. The data can then be viewed using our Power Core Software to help you improve your tune. It can also be used as an extra instrument panel when mounted to the dash of your UTV for even more control over your progress.

Power Vision 3 Screen


Unlock Your Potential

  • PC-based
  • Connects dynamometer runs with fuel tuners
  • Adjusts/creates calibrations and maps
PowerCore fuel tuning software